Happy St Patrick’s Day

La fheile Padraig sona dhuit

Being from Dublin, I have made an Irish coffee to celebrate the great man. I was taught how to make Irish Coffee in the Horseshoe Bar Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin in 1979 by a fantastic bartender named Sean kelly.

This is the ONLY way to make it, you will hear all manner of variations on how to do it, what to put in or on it, but this is the Irish, old fashioned way to make it. As Sean said, it’s like pouring a pint of Guinness, take your time, hum a little Irish song when doing it and, you will have the tastiest, most comforting drink on the planet and as they say in the fair land, “A silent mouth, is sweet to hear”


Irish Coffee

Ingredients :serves 1

Very hot, black coffee

2 tsp brown sugar

1 shot (45 ml) Irish whiskey, I use Jameson, but Paddy or Bushmills will work

Chilled double cream, lightly whipped so that it just pours

A stem glass



Heat your glass with hot water, ( frankie tip: always put a metal spoon in glass to stop it cracking as the spoon absorbs the heat) when glass is hot pour out the water

Add your hot coffee and sugar and stir well

Add your whiskey and stir

Very gently pour your cream onto the coffee over the back of a warm spoon, just up to the rim

Pick it up gently by the stem as the glass will be hot!

Sip it through the cool cream, close your eyes, are you in Irish green fields yet with the mist falling gently on your head.
Happy St Patrick’s Day




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