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Some of my dear friends know that last year Holly and I founded a charity called Happy Bricks and the time has come to see how our school building project in Tanzania is going. When I last visited four months ago with my friend Alex, it was great to see that the walls had gone up, the flooring was going in and the roof supports were ready. Since then, the roof has now gone on which will go a long way to weatherproofing before the long rains start, usually March to May, but weather patterns are as we all know behaving strangely, and last year the rains arrived late and didn’t last as long as usual, so who knows what will happen this time round.

The school is in a very remote location in a small sub village called Lukwambe, Bwawani, which is about 3 hours driving North West of Dar Es Salaam and has a population of around 250 people, 80 of which are small children of school age. The closest state school is around 4 hours walking through the bush and I came across it in 2013 after I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. So Holly and I decided to help them by building the village their own school, and then set about raising the cash to build it through our new foundation, Happy Bricks Foundation, for which we are just about to get our charity number (at last) ! Website to come very shortly.

So, we are nearly at the final stages, just windows, door and teachers and as soon as we get our charity number all you lovely people can help to finish it by running some wild and crazy fundraising events (see my chilli eating efforts on blog) and be part of a great thing in helping to enrich the lives of very poor people, who literally have nothing and are so grateful for what we little we give them.

When I get back next week I shall be cooking up what the villagers eat on a daily basis and lets see how long you could survive on that, it puts our lives into perspective!!

I would love it if you could give us a like on www.facebook/happybricksfoundation to keep up to date with our latest news

Happy Bricks


Happy Bricks

Happy Bricks

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