St Margarets Christmas Fair

It’s that time of year again, when we all go crazy, spend money we don’t have and eat loads of great food and why not? It’s a time for sharing presents, love and hope for the next twelve months. For some it will be a time to remember those that have passed away, for our family that will be the irreplaceable Jackie, but for others it will also be a happy time, my great friends Amie and Dom have just had a new life arrive into our world in the form of a lovely son, reminds us all that christmas isn’t just about presents, (important though they are, I need new socks) it’s about peace and happiness and celebration, so be happy this christmas and eat well.

In keeping with the theme of eating well and happiness, something I think goes hand in hand, we made our annual visit to the St Margarets Christmas Fair, which seems to get bigger each year. Crown Road shuts down from early morning to allow all the stalls to set up, there is a great Santa’s grotto which by 1130am has a queue of little people all waiting in line to see the great bearded man himself and this year we also had two guys sculpting all manner of frozen animals out of big blocks of ice, the kids, (and adults) all stood in amazement as we watched a block of ice transform into a polar bear before our very eyes, lots of oooohs and aahhhs. Check them out here.

St Margarets Fair

Polar Bear Ice Sculpture

A few great food stalls caught my eye, one which was Jam ‘N’ Jerk a Caribbean Chicken stand (email  with clever barrels for cooking the jerk chicken to Bob’s, the owner special, secret recipe. It was served with rice n peas of course and salad or Caribbean hot pot with loads of extra hot sauces if you wanted them, it all tasted damn good and no matter how hard I tried I could never make it like Bob does, because I don’t come from the Caribbean, simple as that.

Jerk Chicken

After a bit of recovery time, I shared a sausage from Sausalicious Hotdogs who specialise in jumbo hot dogs, they have all manner of dogs but the best one is The Juicy Blue and it is just that, a big sausage packed full of blue cheese and a hint of chilli served with any amount of hot sauces, kraut and pickles you so desire all in a roll, sooooo good, we scoffed it down in record time. My two friends each went for a Zoran Burger, from Zorans deli stand, not just any old burger but a beef juicy patty served with grilled chorizo, rocket, melted cheese and Zorans burger relish, simple and delicious.




Harry won two prizes by making a bell ring by whacking it with a hammer and I bought a huge chunk of homemade chocolate and orange fudge to keep in the fridge for emergencies, (the lady says it will last for three months) not in my house!!

Harry hitting hammer

All in all a wonderful day at the fair, now go and finish your christmas shopping……

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