To go boldly……

The incredible story of the Rosetta mission to land on a comet travelling at 40,000mph began 25 years ago when the idea was first tabled at a meeting of space scientists. The Rosetta craft itself blasted off from earth 10 years ago for it’s 6.6 billion km journey to carry the little craft called “Philae”, named after  an island in the Nile region of Egypt. An obelisk found on Philae provided the French historian Jean-Francois Champollion with the final clues for deciphering the hieroglyphs on the Rosetta Stone – thus the mission name.

Philae  landed on Comet 67P on Wednesday 12th November and the world watched in amazement as it bounced a couple of times, as it’s anchors didn’t work, (I always seem to have a tent peg left over, so I know the feeling at space control), but it eventually settled on it’s side and sent some amazing pictures back to earth of the comet’s surface and, should send back telemetry which will go a long way to explain the origins of the Solar System.  Harry watched and exclaimed “ Daddy, one day I might pay that comet a visit”

When we humans set our mind to achieving a distant dream and do it, who knows what we can do if we just set aside our differences, and work together for the future of our children. We’ve put people on the moon, we’ve explored the deepest oceans and climbed the highest mountains, why can’t we stop this self-destructive path we always seem to end up on?

I was telling my son Harry this incredible news story over the weekend and he decided to recreate the story in a our very own ‘edible’ style…..

Harry's space food
Harry’s News in Food

Harry the Sous Chef

Harry making his edible news

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